India is innovating – in the villages, cities and metros. It is innovating with the college student, with the person sitting in an office complex, with the top management honcho all itching to move from their confines to a start-up mode. And in the words of one of the most influential economists of the 20th century, Schumpeter, Innovation is critical to economic change.

The drivers of innovation or technological change are entrepreneurs or ‘wild spirits’, elaborated Schumpeter. He argued that technological innovation often creates temporary monopolies, allowing abnormal profits. This is what YourNest aspires to sow and reap.

During the early stage of a venture the power of the idea and the spirit of the entrepreneur stand out. Novel and disruptive ideas from teams having a mix of talent, individual initiative, and creativity become the potential game changers in their chosen field. Among these, asset light, scalable ideas using technology intelligently, appeal to us, at YourNest.

An idea translated into a product or a service with “Customer Validation” is the starting point of engaging with a start-up. An entrepreneur who has attracted talent for the venture, ready to scale-up and accelerate, draws our attention for screening for funding.

Startups who have reached this takeoff point, and are seeking funds, are welcome to approach YourNest.

Investors’, who wish to participate in the start-up led era of economic growth propelled by the entrepreneurial spirit, are welcome to approach YourNest. Click here to start your journey as an Angel Investor with YourNest.

Currently, more than 45 entrepreneurs and professionals have participated in the first fund of YourNest. These are successful entrepreneurs and professionals with the conviction that first-generation Indian entrepreneurs can create value for the economy, investors and for themselves. Coming from diverse industry backgrounds these angels have the experience of building a business and may also play a role as a mentor, coach or a sounding board for a start-up. The investors’ experience spans industries like Telecom, Information Technology, Infrastructure, E-Commerce, Financial Services, Private Equity, FMCG, Education, Automobiles, Manufacturing and Consulting.

The current portfolio of start-ups run by the investment managers can be found here.