Who we are…


We are an early stage venture capital fund, investing in businesses built on vibrant and new ideas enabled by path-breaking use of technology. We see an opportunity for wealth creation in India created by entrepreneurial activity and rising growth aspirations. To leverage this we seek to invest in the newly connected economy represented by mobile, internet, data analytics, software and cloud.

Our Focus: Building an “Enterprise” for successful strategic exit. For this, we identify first-generation entrepreneurial teams and liberate them, to fulfil their dream.

Our Thesis: Start-ups are driven by the people – their vision, beliefs, values and individual initiative – more than the technology or business model. To engage with YourNest, the idea must be translated into a product or service and have customer validation.

YourNest-LogoOur Logo: Symbolises entrepreneurs with bright ideas–who believe they are ready to spread their wings and fly. It represents our commitment to nurture start-ups in our “nest” while they fulfill the promise to fly.

What we do…

  • Visualise the big picture;
  • Share the vision of the entrepreneur with similar passion;
  • Become the sounding board and coach to an early stage venture through all its phases;
  • Accelerate value creation and business growth;
  • Create a fine balance between “investor protection” and “entrepreneurial freedom”;
  • Deliver superior returns for both entrepreneurs and investors.

How we do it…

We are a committed team with a unique combination of skill sets and the operational experience of building successful teams and businesses. We stand behind the entrepreneur supporting them through the early stage of the start-up's growth and have the ability to add value to portfolio companies beyond funding.

Supporting Partners