“What we at mycity4kids really value is that, with YourNest, we always feels like it is ONE TEAM passionate and excited about growing the business. This has brought a degree of trust and forthrightness to all our conversations, which has been great for the business and our relationship as well. It's also been great to have the freedom to chart our own course with the blind confidence that we can turn to them for sound, practical and unbiased advice at any point of time.”

Vishal Gupta
(Co-Founder & MD, MyCity4Kids)

“YourNest Angel Fund has played a crucial role in helping build Bookmycab.com. Be it opening up their rolodex to provide us with valuable business connections or leveraging their decades of operating experience to help us as we grow, YourNest has always been there like a true partner and a mentor.

YourNest team, with their decades of operating experience, is the right investor, who not only provides capital but also very valuable operational and strategic support.”

Avinash Gupta
(CEO, Bookmycab.com)

“We have known Sunil Goyal for over a decade and respect him as a professional and as a person.

His support in setting up INVENTIS RETAIL was enormous. He has a great insight into corporate working, and he used both his experience and his analytical skills to help us build an organisation from the scratch into a system, which we proudly showcase today. Sunil was always available to discuss issues or strategy. His ability to take a global view and at the same time focus on what is best for the organization helped us in charting a satisfactory course of action. He always puts in diligent effort, analysing issues in depth, and making presentations to drive home clear views.

Sunil Goyal is a professional with a deep understanding of business at all levels, both large and small. To us he has been a guide, a mentor and a business partner. We have no doubt that he will make a success of whatever venture he undertakes, and will be a great strength to those who seek his association.”

Vijay & Radhika Jumani
(Promoters – appleofmyi)

“Sunil has been a great investor to work with, always extremely responsive. His domain expertise, particularly in telecom, and enthusiasm to support ZipDial has had a direct positive impact on our business.”

Valerie Rozycki Wagoner
(Founder & CEO, ZipDial)

“Sunil has been on the Board of Mentors of Innovative Ideators even before its inception. It was at the idea stage itself that he got involved and facilitated the entire discussion around the business model and launch planning.

As I have known him personally and professionally for years, Sunil has been a friend, philosopher and guide and he plays those personas in perfect measure. In this short span of our existence, I can say that he's a constant source of information, incredible guidance and a fantastic sounding board for startepreneurs. Even though he's subtle in his approach, he keeps you on your toes and that's what makes my relationship with him so enjoyable.”

Dinesh Goel
Founder, Innovative Ideators