Investment Thesis

Smart investors demonstrate capability to invest in the right idea, early. They are not only supportive, collaborative, friendly but also back the venture and stay invested. Most importantly, they know when to exit.

To build successful, performance centric teams creating powerful brands, YourNest, invests up to Rs. 50 million in a start-up, for a significant minority equity stake in the venture.

In choosing to be in the pre-series A round of funding, we strive to create inspiring workplaces that give disproportionate returns. Tremendous time and energy is allocated to making successful businesses with a strong DNA. The core of our business model to deliver superior returns is talent pool, because it is the people behind the idea who take calculated risk, listen to customer needs and translate them into mega opportunities. These individuals have to leverage scarce resources and constraints, get charged with motivators such as power, money or serving the people.

Our investment thesis can be stated in one line: Start-ups are driven by people – their vision, beliefs, values and individual initiative – more than the technology or business models.

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