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Sanjay Pande

Director and Fund Manager

Sanjay Pande, the co-founder of YourNest Angel Fund, is a distinguished behavioral trainer, executive coach and mentor with engagements that have touched over 100 corporate entities in India and the Middle-east.

At YourNest, Sanjay is responsible for the fund strategy, identifying promising entrepreneurial teams with disruptive ideas and guiding these teams to unleash their potential.

He has over 20 years of experience across diverse fields including education, healthcare, hospitality, FMCG, social entrepreneurship and consulting.

Sanjay has a reputation of being an innovator and thought leader who challenges. Hehas thrived during the early stages of various industry’s growth, whether it is environment (early 90s), healthcare (mid to late 90s), dot com (90s), or behavioral training (early 2000).

Prior to YourNest Angel Fund, Sanjay has donned the entrepreneurial hat withDisha and Career Dimensions, an initiative focused on career counselling; Satoree, an organization that assists corporates in change management and behavioral training, along with developing and conducting in-company, outbound, on-site and off-site programs; and My Way on the Highway – an eco-resort in the Himalayas. He has led many start-ups and team to success with his interventions as leadership and strategy development facilitator across sectors including healthcare, recruitment, hospitality, education, printing, agriculture, food processing, and tourism.

Sanjay is also an advisor to public and private universities, consulting across areas like financial viability, academic and curricular structuring, and faculty development. He is a post-graduate in management from IIM Ahmedabad, an active outdoors man, yoga practitioner, and adventure enthusiast.

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