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Rewards of Angel Investing

Venture capital funds offer a transparent and well-regulated platform with ease of investing in promising entrepreneurs and start-ups. My first rule of success requires the angel investor to monitor his direct investment in a start-up which means to be fully engaged with the founding team.

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8 Responses to Rewards of Angel Investing

  1. Arindam Ganguly says:

    Dear concern,
    The purpose of this comment is , I have some ideas regarding new gen business but I don’t have capital to invest. So I just want to know about funding for a new idea. If you will get back to me with proper resolution then that will help me a lot.
    Thanks & Regards
    Arindam Ganguly

  2. Ashok kumar shah says:

    we are in a process to set up new bio fertiliser manufacturing unit in Nalanda district, Bihar. we want some fund for our new venture. I am 15 year year experience in this field. we are poineer in Bihar /Jharkhand to devlope this concept. Now it drastically grown big market size in this area. pl. contact me on +919431108274 for more detail.

  3. Navya says:

    At http://www.technora,in, we aim to help Entrepreneurs and Startups to find audience. We have a section called “JustBaked” where any new Startup can submit a request to review their product and give feedback. Till now we reviewed around 20 Startups from different domains of the Industry and we are planning to do more.

    Some times these Startups will be looking for funding or help in some form or the other. It would be a great place for all the Investors to take a look at the upcoming Startups.

    We @Technora aim to nurture the Startup Eco system in India.
    You can follow us at https://twitter.com/Technorablog
    or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Technorain/1444333459141985

    -Navya S

  4. Sundar 9841043404 says:

    I have a new business idea is very unique, which is related to Stock market which can give very good revenue generating opportunity.
    It is online, investment portfolio game which give income for both player (virtual investor) who can invest online Virtual trading which he can earn a lot.
    There are many such online trading game portal but they don’t generate income for the players but we can make them (virtual investor) in our portal and generate income for them and based on their investment decision without loss. (income without loss in virtual trading game) is new idea will bring more people become new virtual investor.
    The income for the company will be enormous with huge income from few items below.
    1) One time Registration
    2) virtual trading.
    3) Unique trading (income without loss)
    4) Advertisement & promotions on the portal. (most corporates raising fund in market will be interested)
    5) Realtime training for investors.
    many more lucrative ways for creating revenue available which will be discussed in further based on the interested of the Investors.
    Further disclosure of Revenue generation and other business ideas will be discussed based with the investors interest and capital investment.

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