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Entrepreneurship on the Rise

YourNest is impressed with the quality of ideas the entrepreneurs are nurturing, and giving up everything to pursue them. The confidence level of achieving their goals is unmatched. These entrepreneurs are forming a founding team with complementary skillsets. They are pursuing Scalable SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Tangible) ideas. Many of them are coming up with localized business models. An effective execution of these ideas by the Portfolio Companies, with the support of Investment Managers, is destined to yield higher returns for the investors and the entrepreneur.

Such investment opportunities are expected to come from any industrial sector. Every sector today is deploying technology on the back of deeper penetration of computer literacy, mobile phones and the internet access over broadband. Deployment of technology is one of the ways to build a scalable business model in addition to deployment of people and innovative processes. The Angel Fund being sector agnostic will offer a balanced return by investing in a diversified portfolio of fast growing startup companies across multiple sectors.

The investment opportunities will largely emerge from within India or even from companies doing business with India, which may be able to scale up to serve the global markets too.

The focus of the Angel Fund is investing in un-listed companies. The investment may start at an early seed stage and continue investing in promising companies at various stages of their growth, while enabling them to attract the attention of VC, PE or a strategic buyer for future growth.

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2 Responses to Entrepreneurship on the Rise

  1. M.S.Balu says:

    I am a project consultant and a Chartered Engineer, having worked as a senior executive in a Quasi Government Financing Institution in the State of Karnataka.I have prepared a project report for a export oriented ready made garments unit, proposing for expansion. The unit has not availed term loan and has fixed assets of about 2o crores. Performance of the unit for the last three years is good. The sales turnover for the year 14-15 is projected at Rs.Eighteen crores. The unit has advance orders for the year 15-16 to the tune of 25 lkah Dollars, in addition to repeat orders, and the firm can easily achieve Rs. 40 crores. The partners are qualified and have more than two decades of experience in this line. They are paying both firm tax and individual tax.The unit is located in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. They need about 9 crore packing credit, 1.7 crore cash credit and term loan of about 7 crore. Can you recommend financial assistance or equity participation.
    M.S. Balu.
    Project Consultant,

  2. Ashok Kumar Bothra says:

    I m Ashok Kumar Bothra from Jaipur,Rajasthan. I need money to start in any one out of 4 ideas in my mind. For this I have experience vast experience.
    1.To start one shop of All types of Locks n Pad Locks in Jaipur at Johari Bazar.
    2.to start Fast Food small Resturant in Johari Bazar,
    3.Rajasthani and Gujarati food resturant in Shimla,Himachal Pradesh.
    4.A small manufacturing unit of vegetable cutting Knife in Kolkata.

    I don’t have money or things to mortgage even I m trying to get Loan on interest which I will be able to return in 3. Years,might be earlier.I don’t want to go for Partnership Business.what ever experience I have with that I like to do Business.

    If anybody can provide loan on interest basis r wel come.
    May contact on mobile-09351520875. Foreign investor can contact at +91 9351520875.
    Ashok Kumar Bothra.

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