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YourNest take on Start-up India-Stand-up India Initiative and Startup Summit 2016

January 16, 2016 was the day dedicated by the Government to #StartupIndia. We, at YourNest, had been waiting for this day and I personally had a feeling that this shall be one of the finest days in our journey of … Continue reading

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Rewards of Angel Investing

Venture capital funds offer a transparent and well-regulated platform with ease of investing in promising entrepreneurs and start-ups. My first rule of success requires the angel investor to monitor his direct investment in a start-up which means to be fully … Continue reading

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Twitter’s acquisition of Zipdial: How YourNest’s Sunil Goyal reaped rich benefits

A startup, whose angel round was led by Sunil Goyal, Founder, YourNest Angel Fund. Bangalore-based startup Zipdial was Sunil’s first deal and his first exposure to the world on investing. Goyal was convinced about the idea and decided to lead … Continue reading

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Are U Ready to Be an Angel Investor?

1. Is angel investing meant for everyone? Angel investing or venture capital is not meant for those – having surplus only for a short period of 3-4 years; sitting on a large proportion in illiquid assets; having low trust or … Continue reading

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Cash flow – the devil lies in details

One of the most important processes that any founder and his core team need to understand is cash flow, because poor cash flow management can lead to untimely death of a great idea and a well thought out business plan. … Continue reading

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Decode the Term Sheet for Entrepreneurs

Term Sheets – a series of legalese that most entrepreneurs don't understand. However, to optimize any investment, they need know what they are signing-up for. A few tips for entrepreneurs before they sign a term sheet with an angel or … Continue reading

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Startup Manifesto

That start-ups can create direct employment in the economy and wealth for investors is a moot question, especially after the Planning Commission findings (click here for planning commission report). To encourage this new and fragile ecosystem to thrive, the government … Continue reading

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Vishal Gupta

What we at mycity4kids really value is that, with YourNest, it always feels like we’re ONE TEAM that is passionate and excited about growing the business. This has brought a degree of trust and forthrightness to all our conversations which … Continue reading

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Avinash Gupta

YourNest Angel Fund has played a crucial role in helping build Be it opening up our rolodex to provide us with valuable business connections or leveraging their decades of operating experience to help us as we grow, YourNest has … Continue reading

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Dinesh Goel

Sunil has been on the Board of Mentors of Innovative Ideators since before its inception. It was at the idea stage itself that he got involved and facilitated the entire discussion around the business model and launch planning. Given my … Continue reading

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